MUM is the inventor

The story behind MUM, the inventor of the deodorant.

MUM 1926

1888: The first deodorant

An unknown inventor from Philadelphia (USA) develops a waxy cream with a low content of antibacterial zinc oxide in 1888 - the first MUM deodorant was born.
The MUM brand owes its name to a nurse of the inventor, who was nicknamed "Mum".

1952: The first roll-on deodorant

Four years after the market launch of the first ballpoint pen, the MUM brand once again lived up to its innovative image: the first roll-on was presented in 1952, developed by MUM. From the 1960s, MUM was successfully introduced on all continents of the world. To this day, the roll-on is one of the most important ways of application in the deodorant industry.

Doetsch Grether

2004: Doetsch Grether AG takes over MUM

2004 Doetsch Grether AG takes over the license for MUM, initially in Switzerland, 2008 for Europe and Middle East and 2017 also for Australia and New Zealand. Doetsch Grether AG specialises in marketing and sales of products in the pharmaceutical, OTC and consumer care sectors.

All MUM Products

Over 130 years of expertise

Since the introduction of the first deodorant, the formula has been continuously developed further. MUM has a wide range of fragrances for men and women and also offers deodorants without aluminium salts, alcohol or perfume. All products are vegan and come in a sustainable glass bottle.

MUM. Protection you can rely on. Since 1888.


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