• Fresh Pink Rose

    Sensual and seductive:
    pure enchantment with flowery, delicate scents:
    MUM roll-on deodorant Fresh Pink Rose

  • Unperfumed

    Reliable protection – without perfume:
    ideal for allergy sufferers and fanciers
    of the pure smell of perfume

  • Brisa

    The refreshing classic:
    reliable 48 hour + protection
    and revitalising freshness
    with MUM Brisa Fresh

Innovation and reliable protection

Since 1888, MUM has had a tradition of innovations: MUM developed the first deodorant that became part of a personal hygiene ritual. Dedicated to this tradition, MUM continues to develop the latest innovations to wisely advance the field of hygiene, among others: the first roll-on deodorant that functions like a ballpoint pen. Needs are different today and the expectations of a modern deodorant are high. Whether unscented, long-lasting protection, or finely scented: Everyone has their own preferences and expectations of a deodorant. 

However, one thing is important about a deodorant to everyone: reliable effectiveness. For this reason, all MUM products offer 100% protection that is dependable under any circumstance. Proven and innovative formulas offer effective and extensive protection for every situation and application, but are still gentle to the skin. MUM deodorant lives up to its promise. 

That means trustworthy and complete protection, wonderful fragrances, and a diverse product range that offers something for every taste. We have several deodorants for active people, who require long-lasting, 48 hour protection. We have also developed a deodorant without perfume and irritants. People with sensitive skin prefer our deodorant with nourishing ingredients from calendula, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. MUM Fresh Pink Rose delights the senses with a noble, flowery scent. MUM offers the right product for every requirement. That has been a tradition from the very beginning.

In the end, it’s true:

MUM deodorant works.

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